Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reckless Jerry horse

Reckless Jerry horse, Is Reckless Jerry Toby Keith’s Kentucky Derby ticket? Will the Southwest Stakes at Oaklawn have Toby Keith looking for 2012 Kentucky Derby tickets? Big name stars at the Kentucky Derby have always been the way to go.

Kentucky Derby Tours has had their share of celebrities who went to Louisville, Kentucky and needed Kentucky Derby tickets over the years.

In their heyday, Betty Grable along with her husband band leader Harry James met Kentucky Derby Tours and shared a box of Kentucky Derby tickets at Churchill Downs on Derby Day in 1951.

The TV show “Luck” on HBO may give horse racing a boost but having big-name owners using Kentucky Derby tickets can be a major shot in the arm for horse racing.

Reckless Jerry may just be the horse that is Toby Keith’s 2012 Kentucky Derby ticket. Reckless Jerry is on his way to the 2012 Kentucky Derby prep Southwest Stakes on Monday, February 20 at Oaklawn Park.

We hope that Toby Keith will be looking for 2012 Kentucky Derby tickets!

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