Thursday, May 2, 2013

Beyonce princess eugenie

Beyonce princess eugenie, When Empress Beyoncé chooses you for a duet, you must SING dammit, regardless of Royal status!

The Royal Queen of England's granddaughter Princess Eugenie hit up the O2 Arena Mrs. Carter world tour show recently with Kate Middleton's brother and a few pals, but it seems girl was NOT prepared for what was to come!

During the spectacle, there is a portion when Lady Bey struts around a centrally-located stage singing Irreplaceable and enlists members of the audience to SING "to the left, to the left" with her…

And it seems the Princess was one of those very special people! Although she did NOT seem too pleased!
One alleged insider reveals:

"She was really excitable and filming the whole thing on her iPhone like any other fan.
Beyonce clearly didn’t recognise her so when it came to Irreplaceable, and the part where she picks on an audience member to join in with her, she simply chose the first woman she could reach.

When Eugenie, who had gone bright-red, ducked down, Beyonce was forced to quickly fill in the missing words and find a new, willing victim.

All Eugenie’s friends were teasing her about her stage fright for hours afterwards."
Awww, the aristocratic cutie was embarrassed!

Although feeling anything but GRATITUDE when chosen by Beyoncé for a "to the left, to the left" duet should be a punishable offense (HA!), we understand how the Princess could have gotten overwhelmed infront of thousands of screaming fans…

Although if she ever ends up ruling England (sixth in line to the throne!), she's gonna have to deal with high-pressure situations on the reg!

Ch-ch-check out a video of Bey performing Irreplaceable at the show (below) and see if you can spot the awkward incident go down!
THEN look even FURTHER (below) and take a peek at some pics from the concert!

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