Thursday, May 2, 2013

Girl forced to hold sign

Girl forced to hold sign, On Thursday, it was revealed that mom and dad tried to instill some tough love into their daughter, as the parents forced the girl to hold a sign at a busy intersection that essentially served as her punishment for being an underachiever in school and shirking her responsibilities.

Worried that their daughter’s continued disrespectful behavior might lead to continued bad grades in school and potential crimes down the road, the girl (whose name has not been released) was forced to hold the following sign:

"I’m a self-entitled teenager w/no respect for authority. I’m also super smart, yet I have 3 'D’s' because I DON’T CARE."

The sign was held at a busy intersection, and as motorists passed by, some slowed down to not only snap photos, but post them onto social media.

So not only has the girl served a very public punishment, she’s not been humiliated.

But as they often say, if you do the crime, you have to do the time. And according to the girl’s parents, the point of the punishment was, in some part, to have their daughter face some humiliation.

“I was thinking about our daughter. It was for her to be in the public and recognize what she had done wrong," said the girl’s mother.

"We spend so much focus on not wanting to hurt a child's self esteem that we don't do anything," she added in a public statement defending her decision.

Eventually, police were called to the scene. And after talking with the parents, they deemed the situation okay, as they didn’t feel any abuse or harm was been done to the child when it comes to the parents’ style of punishment.

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