Thursday, May 2, 2013

‘Vietnam veteran’ fraud: 'Conman' identified by CIA

‘Vietnam veteran’ fraud: 'Conman' identified by CIA, The MIA "Vietnam veteran" is a fraud according to a new report. On April 30, Mail Online reported that "Sgt. John Hartley Robertson" is not the man he claims to be. Despite people actually believing that this man could have been some kind of living miracle, he has been exposed as a conman and the whole story was a hoax.

As previously reported, the "American" man found living in Vietnam claimed to be an MIA army sergeant who had been presumed dead for the past 44 years. There is even a documentary about this man (titled "Unclaimed") but despite the efforts to try and make this man something, he isn't anything more than a liar.

The "Vietnam veteran" fraud story hit the internet yesterday just days after the original story took people by storm. Many were actually fascinated to learn of this man who survived so many years after the war while his wife and children lived their own lives back in The States. However, people were duped. Sgt. John Hartley Robertson is still MIA, presumed dead.

"It can be revealed that the man is not Sgt. Robertson, rather he is a conman who has attempted to suck in members of the Vietnam MIA/POW community and that the CIA performed a secret DNA test on him 20-years ago that confirmed his lies," Mail Online reports.

Did the "Vietnam veteran" fraud surprise you?

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