Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chris kelly kriss kross

Chris kelly kriss kross, I was 12 when I first encountered Kris Kross. They were performing their single "Jump" on "In Living Color" in May of 1992. It was the era when sports jerseys were the coolest things for teenagers to wear. At my junior high in particular, basketball jerseys were all the rage. Especially a few months later, when Shaquille O'Neal's Orlando Magic jersey debuted.

If you watch those early Kris Kross videos again — as I did Wednesday night after news broke that Chris Kelly, one half of the teen rap duo, died in Atlanta at age 34 — you'll notice how Kris Kross pretty much only wore sports gear. Perfect for a time when having a Starter jacket in your wardrobe was essential.

What's interesting, though, is how much baseball clothing they wore. Either actual baseball team jerseys and jackets, or baseball-styled jerseys of teams from other sports. For instance: On the cover of their 1992 debut "Totally Krossed Out" (I had the cassette tape, how 'bout you?) Chris Kelly wore a New York Yankees jersey and Chris Smith repped the New York Knicks with a baseball jersey. Both backward, of course, because that was the style Kris Kross created.

Now journey with me, as we reminisce about Kris Kross, the early '90s and sports clothing.
Featured in "Word Up" magazine, Kris Kross wore these very bright, original Florida Marlins jerseys.

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