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Dylan Redwine search: Was teen murdered

Dylan Redwine search: Was teen murdered, The search for Dylan Redwine continues, but officials have confirmed that there are no more leads after the latest searches at Vallecito Reservoir. News Channel 5 reported on April 26, 2013 that scent dogs hat hit on a scent a few days ago, but this led them nowhere. It seems as though the heavy focus on the water indicates a very negative possibility in this case -- and that possibility doesn't end in the missing Colorado boy coming home alive.

The use of dogs and focus on Vallecito Reservoir indicate that officials believe the boy is dead -- and they have confirmed more than once that he did not leave his father's home voluntarily. So if Dylan Redwine was murdered, who would have done it?

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Regardless of any speculation surrounding a potential death, the official Facebook dedicated to the search is expressing different sentiments. This page (which is associated with Dylan's mother and not his father), posted an update on the 26th stating that they have faith that Dylan is still alive -- but followed up with the definitive fact that "faith" is the belief of something not based on truth. In other words, it seems that even they realize the likelihood that Dylan won't come home -- even if the scents hit on by cadaver dogs could be anyone.

Elaine Redwine, on the other hand, has been openly critical of Dylan's father Mark Redwine. She's openly and publicly accused him of harming Dylan and "doing something" to the missing teen -- stopping short of directly accusing him of murder. Both parents and Dylan's older brother appeared on Dr. Phil a couple of months back, and it was made obvious that Mark is the odd one out. The suspicion he has brought on himself only amplifies with the fact that he has not been present during any of the searches for his missing son -- his son who vanished on his watch

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