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Weather History: April 27: Record Temps, Storms, Tornadoes, Wind & Snow

Weather History: April 27: Record Temps, Storms, Tornadoes, Wind & Snow, Listed are Meteorological events that happened on April 27:


Heavy snow in parts of Connecticut caused buildings to collapse. Six foot snow drifts were reported.


Baltimore, MD reported a damaging hailstorm accompanied by heavy rain and high winds. Damage totaled $100,000 dollars.


The first Weather Bureau kite was launched in Topeka, KS to report daily, early morning, atmospheric observations. By year's end, 16 additional launch sites would be in operation.


Two tornadoes touched down in northern Missouri. One struck Kirksville that killed 34 people and destroyed 300 buildings. The Chicago Tribune questioned whether telephones and telegraphs could have been used to warn residents of towns in the path of the twisters once they had already touched down. At the time, the U.S. Weather Bureau had a ban on the word tornado in its forecasts, because it was feared that tornado forecasts would cause widespread panic.


One of the worst tornado outbreaks in Oklahoma's history occurred. 16 tornadoes rated F2 or greater touched down in the state with 6 of them rated F4. 29 people were killed.


An early season heat wave was in progress across the east. 96° in Richmond and 95° in Washington D.C. tied records for April. Other records included: Greensboro, NC: 94°, Lynchburg, VA: 93°, Norfolk, VA: 93°, Philadelphia, PA: 93°, Huntington, WV: 92°, Wilmington, DE: 92° and New York City: 92°.


For two weeks, the city of New Orleans, LA had been under siege from a major flood on the Mississippi River. On this date, a levee failure occurred 12 miles downriver from New Orleans at Poydras in St. Bernard Parish. The Poydras crevasse would become an opening 1,500 feet wide in the levee and flooding Plaquemines and St. Bernard Parishes, but saving New Orleans. As the Corps of Engineers built more and more levees, the river went higher and higher. The 1922 flood was a preview of a worse flood that would occur in 1927.


A tornado moved east from the northeast corner of Baca County, Colorado. Accompanied by two other funnel clouds, the tornado struck the Sherwood school, 14 miles northwest of Johnson Kansas, killing the teacher and injuring five small children. The body of the teacher was carried 100 yards. The prairie grass in this sparsely settled region appeared to be burned.


The temperature at Pahala, located on the main island of Hawaii, soared to 100° to establish a state record.


This was the 11th day during the month where the low temperatures at Rockford, IL fell below the freezing mark. The morning low of 26° tied a record low for the date.


A destructive F4 tornado tracked through Rogers and Mayes Counties in Oklahoma. The town of Pryor was hit directly. 52 people were killed and damage amounted to $2.5 million dollars. 500 buildings were destroyed or damaged.


The hottest temperature ever recorded in Thailand occurred at Uttaradit when they soared to 112°.


Heavy snows fell across Montana, including 39 inches at Red Lodge and 35 inches at Summit.


A strong tornado in Franklin County, in southern Illinois, moved through Thompsonville. This tornado destroyed 8 homes, 3 commercial buildings, and 5 trailers. One person was killed, with 20 injured.


A significant tornado outbreak struck the southern Plains, with 11 tornadoes reported over the eastern half of Oklahoma. The most devastating of the storms tore through the town of Morris, in Okmulgee County. This storm destroyed 28 square blocks of Morris, killing eight people and injuring nearly 100. Another tornado killed three people and injured 37 on its path through Creek and Pawnee counties. The severe storms also dumped large hail, with hailstones up to the size of grapefruits reported.

85 mph thunderstorm wind gusts blew though Olmsted County, Minnesota and an F1 tornado touched down in Jackson Township, WI (Adams County) damaging several homes, garages, and barns.

A strong tornado touched down 8 miles southwest of Plainfield, in northeast Illinois, and lifted just southeast of town. This tornado damaged 43 homes, of which 14 were nearly destroyed. Large wooden beams were driven into nearby homes. One person was killed.


Many cities in the western and south central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. The afternoon high of 87° at Olympia, WA was an April record, and highs of 92° at Boise, ID, 95° at Monroe, LA, and 96° at Sacramento, CA tied April records.

More than 300 daily temperature records fell by the wayside during a two week long heat wave across 34 states in the southern and western U.S. 13 cities established records for the month of April. Other records included: Lewiston, ID: 93°, Little Rock, AR: 93°, Concordia, KS: 93°, Lake Charles, LA: 91°, New Orleans, LA: 89°, Winnemucca, NV: 88°, Spokane, WA: 87°, Yakima, WA: 87°, Portland, OR: 86°, Pocatello, ID: 85°, Burns, OR: 84°, Sheridan, WY: 83° and Seattle, WA: 81°.


Observers at the Mount Washington observatory in New Hampshire reported over 7 feet of snowfall in a 10 day period, bringing their total for April to 89.9 inches. This set a new record for April snowfall on the mountain breaking the old standard of 89.3 inches set in 1975. Records have been kept on the summit since December of 1932.

Along the east Australian coast between Wollongong and Sydney 9.85 inches of rain fell in 24 hours causing landslides and washing out road and rail tracks.


Thunderstorms produced severe weather from the Lower and Middle Mississippi Valley to Virginia and the Carolinas. Hail up to 4.5 inches in diameter caused $5 million dollars damage around Omaha, NE. Thunderstorms spawned eleven tornadoes, and there were 160 other reports of large hail and damaging winds.

Miles City, MT recorded their wettest April day on record as 15 inches of snow fell; equivalent to 2.06 inches of liquid.

A line of severe thunderstorms moved into western Iowa during the evening hours. Numerous small tornadoes were reported with most of these being brief touchdowns over farm fields. The strongest tornado was in Sac County. Late in the evening a bow echo developed in southwest Iowa producing winds of 60 to 80mph. The winds overturned a trailer injuring one person and roofs were blown off a few houses in Corning. There were two other injuries in Council Bluffs when a tornado touched down near the dog track. The injuries were due to flying debris in the dog track area.


Thunderstorms produced severe weather in eastern Texas and the Lower Mississippi Valley. Severe thunderstorms spawned 13 tornadoes in Texas and 12 in Louisiana. A tornado southwest of Coolidge, TX injured eight people and caused more than $5 million dollars damage. There were also 85 reports of large hail and damaging winds, with baseball size hail reported at Mexia, TX and Shreveport, LA.

Many cities in the eastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Record highs included: Richmond, VA: 96°, Downtown Baltimore, MD (Custom House): 95°, Charleston, WV: 94°, Newark, NJ: 94°, Wilmington, NC: 94°, Charleston, WV: 94°, Milton, MA: 93°, Boston, MA: 92°, Concord, NH: 92°, Williamsport, PA: 92°, Allentown, PA: 92°, Dulles Airport, VA: 92°, Raleigh, NC: 92°, Burlington, VT: 90°, Providence, RI; 89°, LaGuardia, NY: 89°, Pittsburgh, PA: 89°, Avoca, PA: 89°, Cape Hatteras, NC: 89°, Toledo, OH: 88°, Syracuse, NY: 88°, Alpena, MI: 88°, Elkins, WV: 87°, Akron, OH: 87°, Caribou, ME: 86°, Bridgeport, CT: 86°, Rochester, NY: 86°, Cleveland, OH: 86°, Cincinnati, OH: 86°, Mansfield, OH: 86°, Flint, MI: 86°, Grand Rapids, MI: 85°, Binghamton, NY: 85°, Portland, ME: 84°, Detroit, MI: 84°, Houghton Lake, MI: 84°, Lansing, MI: 84°, Sault. Ste. Marie, MI: 84° and Islip, NY: 81°.


A storm bringing snow, freezing rain and ice pellets across the southern Canadian Maritimes dumped 7 inches of snow fell at Greenwood. The storm was also blamed for three deaths in a traffic accident near New Glasgow.


The largest hail storm ever recorded at Key West, FL fell between 4:10-4:20pm ET. Hailstones ranging in size from 0.5 inches up to 1.75 inches were reported. It was the 11th recorded hail event since 1871 at Key West.

A powerful heat-burst struck Wichita Falls, TX at 11pm, causing winds to gust to 88 mph, downing numerous trees and power lines.

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