Saturday, April 27, 2013

Will Bryeon Hunter's body ever be found

Will Bryeon Hunter's body ever be found, The search for Bryeon Hunter continues after the infant's mother admitted to killing him with her boyfriend. On April 26, 2013 NBC 5 Chicago reported that the authorities investigating his disappearance have no new leads, but the search is still ongoing regardless of this unfortunate fact. Police believe his body was tossed into the Des Plaines River after she and her boyfriend stuffed him into a backpack after beating him to death.

Recent flooding (due to storms) have hindered police efforts, and this can only lend to the body of the child getting farther away from the Maywood area. How far away could his body be taken by the river, if he was truly tossed into it? In cases like these where bodies are discarded in moving bodies of water, it's difficult to gauge when or even if they'll be found. It's hopeful that a tree branch or some other obstacle in the river snags the straps of the backpack that holds his remains, so officials can eventually find and retrieve it.

K9 units have been walking along the river for several days, even though coverage of the case has been sparse. Meanwhile, a forensics team has taken soil samples from the area for analysis -- to determine whether or not the child's body could be nearby. There's no doubt that this investigation has continued regardless of the coverage, but it's still been nearly two weeks since the Amber Alert was issued for the baby. How many more weeks will pass before his remains are located and his mother can be fully brought to justice?

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