Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jane Fonda Most Beautiful

Jane Fonda Most Beautiful, The Oscar-winning actress was named one of People magazine's most beautiful women earlier this week, with Gwyneth Paltrow taking the crown.

Behind the scenes on People's photoshoot, the 75-year-old revealed her secret to looking youthful was being young at heart.

"To stay young at heart, you have to have love in your life," Jane told People. For me, it's my women friends. They put starch in my spine and make me happy," she said.

Jane, who had admitted to having plastic surgery in the past, confides that she never considered herself to be beautiful. In fact, she is surprised how good she looks for her age.

"When I was on the outside of oldness, looking in, I didn't expect that people would think I was beautiful at 75," she said.

Jane admits she has not always been so confident in her looks. Rather, her body love has developed over the years.

"Owning who you are, being good in your skin... It takes a long time to get there. It took me over 60 years," she said.

Tomorrow, Jane will cement her hand and footprints next to that of her late father, actor Henry Fonda, at Los Angeles' fabled TCL Chinese Theatre. Jane says she is "very excited" about the honour.

"I thought probably I would die and this would never happen," she told the Associated Press. "I'm just really thrilled that it actually is happening and not only that, but I get to put my hand and footprints right next to my father... I'm just so happy I'll probably cry."

After the ceremony, Jane will present a special screening of On Golden Pond, the 1981 movie she shot with her dad.

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