Saturday, April 27, 2013

Facebook users making money off you and your friends

Facebook users making money off you and your friends, Whether you realize it or not there are Facebook users making money every day off you and your friends every time you click that you "like" a company on the popular social media tool or "friend" a business. That click or like from you and your friends is worth $174.17 to the company or brand you are supporting by that action, according to a Yahoo! News report on April 27, 2013.

The report was based upon research conducted by a company called Syncapse, which focuses on social intelligence. And after surveying 2,000 FB users they concluded that not only do the social media giants users spend more money than the average person on business brands (approximately $116 more); they spend more money within that particular business' brand too (43 percent more).

That adds up to a great big incentive for companies to create a Facebook page and to encourage social media users of it to come to their page and friend them. It is also the reason you see a lot of advertisers for such companies trying to get people to "like" something on FB about them.

Unfortunately, the people who are doing the liking and the friending on the social media site are not seeing anything monetarily for their effort. They're just helping make businesses more money without anything to show for their time. And that's the downside, of course.

If businesses who use Facebook are make $174.14 off of every user on the site (as they allegedly did with this group of 2,000) then just imagine the money they are making! With the group surveyed by Syncapse that would add up to more than $348,000 in sales.

And there's so many more FB users than that they can make money off of, so shouldn't there be some kind of payback to the user who helps brand them into the profit zone more quickly?

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