Saturday, April 27, 2013

Justin bieber net worth

Justin bieber net worth, Justin Bieber, a 18 years old Canadian singer-songwriter has built incredible name and fortune of more than $100million, that too in just 3 years. Bieber, a singing sensation spotted on YouTube, is now honored as the most successful child star since Michael Jackson.

The female teenage population affected by Bieber Fever, gets ecstatic on seeing Justin’s floppy hair and listening to the sound of his charming youthful voice.

Justin, the second most popular celebrity on Twitter with 14 million followers got his first success at the age of 12, when he competed with experienced entrants in a local singing competition, and came second. After that, he started sharing his talent by posting his performance videos on YouTube, and eventually ended up with over 10 million views.

The pop manager, Scooter Braun discovered him via YouTube, and took him to meet R&B singer Usher, and Justin Timberlake. In 2008, Justin signed to Island Records, as he says Usher offered him the best deal, and this way he earned his way to a major label contract. His album ‘My World’ with backup vocals from Usher debuted at #6 on the album chart and his first single “One Time” made him popular worldwide.

Justin recognition for the quality of music began to hit full stride when he was named the Best New Artist by MTV Video Music Awards and also got nominated as Best New Artist in Grammy Awards. In 2010, Justin’s album My World 2.0 was an international smash hit and went double platinum.

Justin now earns an estimated $300,000 per concert, in addition to hefty cash from record sales. This baby face heartthrob was paid whopping $1 million to don space-age suit and for uttering a few words in a 30 seconds ad for technology retail giant Best Buy, transmitted during the US Super Bowl.

He is accumulating wealth by endorsing his name for headphones, a bed linen range and scented children’s jewellery and even for a nail varnish brand called One Less Lonely Girl. Further, he gave a lock of his hair to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who then auctioned it for $40,668, and all the proceeds went to Gentle Barn Foundation. He has even launched his first prestige market fragrance named ‘Someday’ in an ultra girly bottle, aiming at teenage girls fans of Bieber.

Fashionista to millions of teenagers, Justin leads a lavish lifestyle; he drives some of the most luxurious super cars, including the $100,000 Fisker Karma Hybrid car gifted by Usher. The singer now lives and works in Atlanta, and is in relation with 19 year old actress and teenage singing sensation Selena Gomez, and both are often spotted holidaying and publicly spending intimate moments together.

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