Saturday, April 27, 2013

N.J. girls murder video sparks social media outrage

N.J. girls murder video sparks social media outrage, Two N.J. girls murder video has landed them in deep trouble.The two 12-year-olds created a video that shows them talking about several classmates and teachers they wanted to murder. Although the girls were oftentimes laughing during the video, police didn't find the murder video funny and they are now under police investigation, CBS New York reported on April 25.

The N.J. girls could face criminal charges for their 20 minute video that they posted on YouTube. In the video, which has been removed from YouTube, the girls say:

"Wouldn't you guys think I'd be the best assassin ever?" asks one girl. In another part of the video one of the girls says,“...stab him continuously in this area.”

The murder video has caused many parents to be outraged, especially the parents of the children named.

"My daughter had called me crying hysterically around 11:30, telling me 'Mommy, this girl just told me that she's gonna kill me," one parent told media sources.

According to various media reports, school officials did not take the girls murder video seriously until they were inundated with complaints from concerned parents.

For now, the two girls have been suspended and it is unclear whether official charges will be filed against them.

School officials told parents in a meeting that the girls are receiving a medical evaluation.

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