Sunday, April 28, 2013

'Celebrity Apprentice': Fans have advice for Trace Adkins

'Celebrity Apprentice': Fans have advice for Trace Adkins, Fans of “Celebrity Apprentice” seem to believe that country star Trace Adkins will make it to the final two. Should that happen, they have some advice for the country crooner. In interviews conducted on April 27 and April 28, those fans shared what they thought Trace Adkins should do as an “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” finalist.

“When Trace [Adkins] makes the final two, he needs to refuse to have Omarosa on his team,” Trista Evans, a fan of both Trace Adkins and “Celebrity Apprentice” from Oklahoma City, said. “Trace needs to say 'Mr. Trump I'd rather be a person short than have her on my team.' I hope he does that.”

Omarosa is not very popular with “Celebrity Apprentice” fans. Despite being the apprentice everyone loves to hate, fans of “Celebrity Apprentice” and Trace Adkins do not want her standing in the way of Trace Adkins winning.

“I hope that Trace Adkins doesn't let Omarosa on his team,” Mandy Robinson, a fan of Trace Adkins from Enid, said. “He can't trust [Omarosa] to keep from trying to sabotage him and Trace Adkins deserves to win this season.”

Omarosa is so unpopular, Trace Adkins fans would rather see him “stuck with Gary Busey” than Omarosa. They believe that whatever Gary Busey would do to hinder Trace Adkins from winning would not be malicious. Although Gary Busey can hinder his team, he wouldn't purposefully try to keep Trace Adkins from winning.

“I'd rather he have Gary Busey on his team than Omarosa,” Kyle Fletcher, a fan of both Gary Busey and Trace Adkins from Oklahoma City, said. “Gary [Busey] has a pure heart. I can't say that about Omarosa. She is a witch with a capital B.”

The “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” final is not here yet, but fans are gearing up for a showdown between Trace Adkins and another celebrity. Many are wanting to see Trace Adkins win and raise money for his charity.

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