Sunday, April 28, 2013

Who kidnapped Jessica Heeringa?

Who kidnapped Jessica Heeringa?, It's been confirmed by multiple sources as of April 23, 2013 that Michigan woman Jessica Heeringa has been kidnapped. She went missing during a late night shift at an Exxon station in Norton Shores. The woman is reportedly a mother who wouldn't vanish like this, but that isn't the only clue that indicates she was abducted. Officers in the area are searching for a silver minivan -- possibly a Chrysler Town & Country, but there aren't many clarifications on this. NBC Wood TV 8 shares that an investigation is now fully underway.

The missing woman's purse and other belongings were left behind when she was discovered to be missing, and it's being reported that she looked to be in the process of closing the store. There are apparently some kind of witnesses to what may be an abduction, as there is a description of the suspect. He is reportedly between the ages of 30 and 40 with a broad build, light brown wavy hair. He may have been wearing a bright orange or red sweatshirt. That certainly doesn't sound like someone who cares about standing out like a sore thumb.

Jessica Heeringa is in danger, so every moment spent searching for her and a suspect count. It has now been over 24 hours since she was last seen, going into day two of her disappearance. As stated multiple times by multiple experts, the first 48 to 72 hours of a disappearance are the most vital in locating a missing person under positive circumstances. If someone truly kidnapped Jessica, then there is no doubt that this person has foul intentions. Famed criminal profiler Candice DeLong has stated that when an attacker intends on taking you from one point to another, you can almost be certain that you are going to be murdered.

Who kidnapped this young woman? If you know anything about this disappearance or the owner of the silver minivan believed used to abduct her, do the right thing. If you recognize anything strange that might be related to this case do not hesitate to contact either the Silent Observer Hotline or the officials in Norton Shores.

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