Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scientists in Uruguay create first glow in the dark sheep

Scientists in Uruguay create first glow in the dark sheep, Now there are glow in the dark sheep. According to a report that was made on April 27 by Slash Gear, Uruguay scientists have taken protein from jellyfish to create glow in the dark sheep. These sheep were born last year in October at the Animal Reproduction Institute of Uruguay. Although they glow in the dark when ultra-violet light hits them, the Uruguay scientists say they are just as normal and healthy as regular sheep.

The leader of the research team, Alejo Menchacha stated they did this not for medical reasons or interests but because they simply wanted to. They wanted to 'fine tune the technique.' He also said that they are roaming around the field like all of the other sheep are. They don't act different, just look different.

Another reason why they chose the green protein is because it is easy to identify in the sheep's tissue.

Although these might be the first sheep to glow in the dark, they are certainly not the first animals to be genetically modified. There are also fish called, GloFish that scientists modified with the same protein from jellyfish to make them glow in the dark. The GloFish were originally called, Zebra Fish. The GloFish have been since changed to other colors by genetically modifying them with different color proteins. The protein colors they have recently used on the fish are blue, purple, orange-yellow, and red proteins.

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