Sunday, April 28, 2013

Drew Carey $400 tip on a $250 bill

Drew Carey $400 tip on a $250 bill, Cleveland rocks! Maybe it’s because the Price is Right has left him with a decent understanding of money, or maybe it’s just in his nature, but Drew Carey is a super tipper. On a recent dinner bill, Carey left a $400 tip– when the total was only $250. Nice guy.

There are some incredible cheapskates out there in the celebrity world. Believe it or not, there are millionaires who’d rather leave their autograph than a decent tip.

Drew Carey $400 Tip On A $250 Bill
Not sure what to tip? There are apps for that. Otherwise, consider the following:

Tipping at a restaurant. They say 15% is the minimum but I know 20% is really the  standard at this point for excellent service.

Tipping a bellhop. $1 is really only if you’ve got nothing else on you and you want to show your appreciation. The truth is $5 is the average tip for a bellhop.

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