Sunday, April 28, 2013

Olympics 2024: Tulsa and nine other cities interested

Olympics 2024: Tulsa and nine other cities interested, It was reported on April 26, 2013, that Tulsa, Oklahoma and nine other cities were interested in hosting the 2024 Olympics.

According to the Huffington Post Los Angeles, Tulsa, Philadelphia, and San Diego want the Olympic Games. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) chief executive Scott Blackmun said of the ten cities, "He declined to identify other cities considered as potential candidates,:" as for the other six, "they preferred to keep it confidential for now."

The Summer Olympics has not been held in the United States since 1996. And Salt Lake City was the last to hold a Winter Olympics in the U.S. One possibility would be a joint bid among two or more cities.

In the case of the San Francisco Bay area, "he cities of San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose as a 'natural' possibility." San Diego is rumored to be considering its bid along with Tijuana fro 2024.

The USOC will decide by the end of 2014 if they will put forward a bid. The International Olympic Committee will decide who gets to host the 2024 Olympics in 2017.

Where do you think the 2024 Olympics should be held? Please drop in your comments below.

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