Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kim kardashian weight gain

Kim kardashian weight gain, Kim Kardashian has not been having the easiest pregnancy with critics quick to point out her weight gain and now it sounds like poor Kim is desperate to do something about her changing shape, allegedly hiring FIVE personal trainers.

The reality TV star has been spotted making regular gym visits throughout her pregnancy but apparently Kim has taken things one step further, turning to a number of celeb fitness gurus as she approaches her July due date.

Kim is said to be so determined to not put on anymore weight in her final months that she's hired a super team of experts including Gwyneth Paltrow's trainer Tracy Anderson and Jennifer Lopez's workout guru Gunnar Peterson.

Gunnar told In Touch Weekly: ''She's in [my studio] a couple of times a week. Sometimes it's six days.'' Tracy has already been known to work with Kim throughout her pregnancy, with the trainer commenting that whilst the star was keen to squeeze in as many workouts as possible early on, she's now taking things a bit easier following a health scare last month.

She will come in and work hard one week, and then have to take the next week off", says Tracy following doctor's orders that Kim needs to cut down on her jet set lifestyle and exercise.

But Tracy and Gunnar aren't the only ones working with Kim, nutritionist to the stars Harley Pasternak also revealed to the magazine that Kim has been trying out her 15-day Body Reset diet

It sounds like Kim's latest efforts to curb her weight gaun are due to the star panicking over her reported 60 pound gain. ''Kim's panicking that the weight will just keep on stacking on and will never come off", an insider tells In Touch.

''She's always played up her sex appeal so she's terrified she won't be able to get her body back after the baby is born.''

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