Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby on beach arrest: Abandoned newborn's mom arrested

Baby on beach arrest: Abandoned newborn's mom arrested, Tuesday, police arrested the mother of an abandoned baby found on a beach a day earlier. Keala Simeona claimed she found the naked newborn baby on an Hawaiian beach and took it to a hospital. However, authorities believe the woman is the mother. She was cited for filing a false police report, according to a May 1 NBC News report.

Simeona initially told doctors and police of hearing screams from a crowd as she sat in her car parked on the beach just after midnight Monday. Moments later, according to police reports, she found a naked baby on the beach.

The woman then took the newborn to a local hospital for treatment. There, doctors confirmed the child was full-term and had just been born. However, the 8-pound infant was otherwise healthy and showed no signs of injury.

At some point, police turned their attention to the woman who claimed she found the abandoned newborn baby. An arrest was made, but police have not shared with the public what led investigators to suspect the child's alleged mother.

While the woman was not charged at this time for allegedly abandoning her newborn, she and others considering similar acts should know about a Safe Haven law.

Essentially, it allows mothers to take a child born within 72 hours to a hospital, police station or fire house. There, they can drop off the child and face no questions or criminal charges.

Meanwhile, the child, named Baby Sandy, is in the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services in Hawaii.

Authorities have petitioned the court for a DNA sample to prove the woman in the abandoned baby on beach arrest is the child's mother. Additionally, a search for the father is underway.

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