Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Police: Hawaii woman who found baby on the beach is the mom

Police: Hawaii woman who found baby on the beach is the mom, The woman who said she found a newborn baby on a beach in Hawaii after hearing screaming has been identified as the infant’s mother, The Associated Press reported April 30.

Police have arrested Keala Simeona, 21, of Honolulu.

Simeona had told police that she was at Sandy Beach in east Honolulu late on Sunday night when she heard screaming for several minutes. She said that when the screaming stopped, she walked down toward the ocean and found a naked newborn baby girl on the beach and then took her to a hospital.

But now police say that the Good Samaritan who allegedly found the newborn on the beach is actually the baby’s own mother, who abandoned the baby on the beach.

Simeona was arrested on Tuesday for filing a false police report. Police don't expect to pursue additional offenses. Simeona posted $250 bail and was released.

Patricia McManaman, director of the Hawaii Department of Human Services, said on Monday that the baby was full term and weighed 8 pounds. She said that the baby was at the hospital, drinking formula and doing well.

Department officials have informally named the newborn found on the beach Baby Sandy.

The Department of Human Services said they had just learned about the real circumstances of the mother’s abandonment of her baby on the beach and that it wasn’t known yet what would become of the baby. Before hearing about the mother’s arrest, the department had planned to file a petition this week with family court, seeking custody if no family came forward to claim the baby.

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