Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kelsie Schelling update: Was pregnant woman murdered by boyfriend?

Kelsie Schelling update: Was pregnant woman murdered by boyfriend?, update, April 30, 2013: The family of the missing Colo. woman released a copy of yesterday's press statement today on the official Facebook associated with the search. The statement contains some information that changes this case from merely a missing person search to a potential criminal investigation. The woman's loved ones also confirmed news that was broke about the woman originally here on Examiner! She was approximately eight weeks pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Her loved ones are not satisfied with the claims made by Donthe Lucas has made, and now they say that he has ceased cooperating with law enforcement investigating her disappearance. To make matters worse, the "identity theft" related arrest from earlier did in fact have something to do with her disappearance because he unlawfully accessed her bank account.

Kelsie Jean Schelling's loved ones worry that something happened to her and her unborn child the night she traveled to Pueblo to see Donthe. This was the last night she was seen or heard from by anyone who knows her, which indicates she suffered some kind of foul play. With Donthe Lucas's refusal to cooperate and his unlawful use of her bank account after the disappearance it seems that he might be guilty of some kind of wrongdoing, but what?

Did this pregnant woman's boyfriend murder her and if so, why? Could it be because of the pregnancy? This was speculated in an earlier Examiner article when a coworker and friend of the missing woman provided the original information that she was pregnant. It seems that the family could have confirmed this earlier.

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