Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Newborn left on beach in Hawaii right after birth

Newborn left on beach in Hawaii right after birth, A newborn left on the beach immediately after birth was found and taken to the hospital by a woman nearby who heard screams and then a baby crying. According to an April 30 article on the Christian Monitor, the baby is doing well.

The Hawaii Department of Human Services Director Patricia McManaman said that the baby was found shortly after birth, and it was a full-term baby weighing 8 pounds. A lady parked in her car nearby heard voices screaming, and then when the screaming stopped, she heard a baby crying. Upon walking down to the beach she found the abandoned newborn lying in the sand.

The authorities are seeking to find the person or persons who abandoned the baby. If nobody comes forward to claim the baby, the state will seek custody. The case is being handled by police as endangering the welfare of a minor and child abandonment.

Hawaii has a law that allows anyone the right to abandon a baby at a police station, fire department, hospital, or with emergency workers without any consequences within 72 hours of birth.

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