Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why was Skylar Neese murdered by best friend?

Why was Skylar Neese murdered by best friend?, On May 1, 2013 the Skylar Neese story produced a horrific twist when one of the teen's best friends admitted to her gruesome murder. Sixteen-year-old Rachel Shoaf admitted to stabbing the teen to death the very night she vanished. This is certainly a shocking update to an already shocking and heartbreaking case. Two teens have reportedly been charged in the murder after and Shoaf pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing the girl after she sneaked out of her parents' home in July of 2012. Read the official court documents that were released today here.

Skylar Neese was originally considered a runaway, though from the beginning speculation leaned toward foul play. It was suspicious from the beginning that she only sneaked out to spend time with friends -- never to return. I even speculated once that she could have been abducted while on the way back home from meeting with her friends. It is truly a shock to nearly everyone familiar with this case that another teenage girl has confessed to her fatal stabbing murder. By the time Skylar's body was found she was badly decomposed -- a voiceless murder victim just discarded in the wilderness. Does Rachel Shoaf realize the reality of what's been done?

What would drive a teenage girl to stab one of her best friends fatally? And what kind of person can dump a body in a wooded area and pretend like nothing ever happened? These beautiful young ladies had promising lives ahead of them, but instead both of their lives are ruined due to something that happened on one night last year. What was it that led to the fatal stabbing of Skylar Neese? Those details will hopefully come out soon.

It's not terribly often that teenage girls murder, but when they do it is often done in groups of more than one. That is why it's not very surprising that two people have been charged in Skylar's death. Murderers like Christa Pike and Alyssa Bustamante were teens when they claimed the lives of their young female victims. So there are certainly cases of homicide of this nature in history. In fact, this behavior is so common that there are statistics to go with it.

More information in the Skylar Neese case won't be released for the time being due to the sensitive nature of the case and the age of the juvenile in custody (aside from Rachel Shoaf). So this may shape up to be one of those high profile cases that grip the media. Her loved ones must be horrified.

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