Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chris Kelly Dies

Chris Kelly Dies, Back in the ’90′s if you didn’t listen and love the monster hit, “Jump” you may have never listened to music. Now one half of the amazing group is gone forever! How tragic!

Chris Kelly died at the south campus of the Atlanta Medical Center.

Chris, who was made famous for wearing his clothing backwards and having one of the greatest pop hits of all time was found unconscious in his home on May 1 and pronounced dead around 5:30PM EST according to FOX 5 in Atlanta.

There is currently no answers on the cause of his death. Chris was 34. Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office said an autopsy is planned for Thursday.

Chris was joined by his rap partner Chris Smith, and both became instant stars in 1992 with the epic jam “Jump,” which was a Billboard Top 100 smash charting at #1 for eight consecutive weeks! His stage name was the Mac Daddy.

The multiplatinum selling group was founded by hip hop legend Jermaine Dupri when they both were 13.

One of the best rap songs of all time, “Jump” will be remembered forever. May Chris Rest in Peace!

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