Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sunny and warm finish to the week

Sunny and warm finish to the week, A slow moving weather pattern will work in our favor for the rest of the work week. A storm system will become “cut off” over parts of the Midwest thanks to a traffic jam in the atmosphere.

A “cut off” low is an upper level area of low pressure that is removed from the faster winds in the jet stream. It can stall or meander over an area creating prolonged cool and rainy weather. Luckily for us, this system will get stuck to our west. That means central Ohio will be stuck in a nice weather pattern through at least Saturday. Not a bad deal, right?

The cool mornings will continue with lows dipping into the middle and lower 50s. Afternoon highs will also moderate just a bit from the 80 degree readings we saw Wednesday afternoon. Expect highs in the upper 70s both Thursday and Friday with readings a few degrees cooler on Saturday.

The cut off low will start to slide east on Sunday bringing clouds and chance for showers by late afternoon. The system will slowly start to get picked up by the jet stream by the beginning of next week. A broad trough (dip) in the jet stream will develop because of this over the eastern part of the country. This means that slightly cooler weather and patchy showers/storms will be possible for the first half of next week. We are not talking about a wash out though thankfully. Even with the cooler air mass, highs will still stay in the 70s next week.

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