Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fatal bear mauling could have been prevented: Who's at fault?

Fatal bear mauling could have been prevented: Who's at fault?, A fatal bear mauling could have been prevented, according to a statement made by federal authorities on April 30, 2013. The tragic incident took place in November 2012 when a 24-year-old Montana animal trainer named Benjamin Cloutier perished tragically after two captive brown bears attacked him at a private menagerie called Animals of Montana, according to ABC News.

Authorities said that following standard safety procedures would have prevented the fatal bear mauling. According to authorities Animals of Montana had been the site of multiple animal escapes prior to the incident. Their website describes the operation as follows:

"Animals of Montana, Inc. is a full service wildlife-casting agency located near Yellowstone National Park nestled between three spectacular mountain ranges and several beautiful wilderness areas for convenient on-location filming."

The wild animals at the private menagerie were bred in captivity and used in movies and photography shoots.

The U.S. Department of Labor specifically cited the menagerie's failure to keep employees from having direct contact with the animals as a violation of federal workplace safety rules, which contributed to Cloutier's death. The department recommended a $9,000 fine for failing to restrict worker contact with bears as well as for failing to report the death promptly.

Troy Hyde, the owner of Animals of Montana, disagreed with the U.S. Department of Labor's determination, telling the Associated Press that allowing the trainers inside the animal enclosures is absolutely necessary and stressing that the menagerie is "not a zoo."

For more information about another strange case of an animal attacking a woman, please see the video "Woman Mauled by Lion During Sexual Encounter" at the time of the page. Please note, the lion incident is unrelated to the fatal bear mauling.

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