Friday, April 26, 2013

Birdman gave Lil Wayne a Chopard watch

Birdman gave Lil Wayne a Chopard watch, The moment one pictures the lifestyle and dressing sense of rap stars, the word ‘bling’ and ‘flash’ comes almost instantly.

Whichever way possible, the performers of the hip-hop don’t seem to get enough of jive talk, and ‘blinged’ stuff around them. One of the prominent names, Lil’ Wayne had indeed in the news for some of this ‘flash’ memorabilia, which seems to have become a regular part of his celebrations..reported

One perhaps wouldn’t forget the Diamond studded 27th birthday cake, and the $1 million cash in briefcase for his 28th birthday either.

Looks like Weezy loved his 27th birthday presents so much, that the gift line-up at his 29th birthday seems pretty similar, with a diamond studded birthday cake yet again, and a limited edition Audemars Piguet watch (than a Chopard's luxury watch last time around) apart from a red Bugatti Veyron, from his father, ‘Birdman’.

Standing approximately 4 feet tall, this cake has been dressed in red and silver plates which have diamonds engraved on to them. Wouldn’t get to know how much of it is edible, but a large portion of it is engulfed by the diamond studded plates wishing the star ‘Happy Birthday’, and also the name of the music label YMCMB, and ‘Weezy’ on a skateboard, which balances the cake.

Lil Wayne, who is also addressed by the name ‘Birdman Jr.’ after his father, was only too glad, and looking at the end, we might see some more of it coming his way in times to come.Lil Wayne wasn’t also the first to do such a thing.

LeBron James (seen above), a few years ago, indulged in a similar fashion by producing a Swarovski studded birthday cake with a golden crown. Looks flashy, tempting and rather attractive, but should you want to eat some of it, might be in for a shock looking at all the bling floating on them.

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