Friday, April 26, 2013

Facebook friend $174.17: Each ‘like’ click makes Facebook-smart business $174.17

Facebook friend $174.17: Each ‘like’ click makes Facebook-smart business $174.17, The fact that a click on a Facebook "friend" or "like" button translates into $174.17 means power for Facebook users and power for those businesses who are Facebook smart. The value of a Facebook user’s click was examined in a research study conducted by Syncapse, a social intelligence company which analyzed the value of a Facebook fan, described a Yahoo Business News Daily report on April 26, 2013.

“Following the old maxim that 20 percent of customers represent 80 percent of revenues (also known as the Pareto principle), the study suggests that the better you can isolate key customer segments, the more relevant your messaging can be to drive loyalty and grow revenues through targeted offers.”

Facebook-smart business owners who are aware that Facebook is not only a social media website but a customer media website will not only direct their marketing strategies onto a company’s Facebook page but also use Facebook as a direct way to interact with customers.

Once upon a time, the pre-Facebook business world used customer complaint forms or a customer hotline to interact with customers.

In today’s social media world, the Facebook-smart business has customer complaint forms, a customer hotline, and a customer suggestion box all in one place; on its Facebook page. Marketing strategists who used to spend time in a board room trying to come up with new marketing ideas will most likely get more profitable marketing ideas through Facebook users’ comments.

Many Facebook users are not only social but also quite vocal in what they like and dislike. Taking a Facebook user's likes and dislikes into consideration means customers will more likely click on a “like” or “friend” button on a business’s website. With a value of $174.17 per click, it doesn’t take a calculator to compute the profit a business can make by being Facebook smart.

Facebook users who are aware that a “like” or “friend” click translates into a $174.17 earning for a business will discover a new kind of consumer power.

For example, Facebook users who have a problem with a service or a product can directly communicate their complaint or dislike on a company’s Facebook page. Any Facebook-smart business will respond promptly in a positive and productive manner to a Facebook user’s complaint. After all, the complaint or "dislike" might be shared within minutes by hundreds, thousands,or maybe even millions of potential customers.

Creative Facebook users who like a product but would like to see an improvement of a product can also use the knowledge that a Facebook “like” or “friend” click translates into $174.17 as a means to be listened to or at least be acknowledged as a customer who cares about a service or a product.

For a business, the old saying that “the customer is always right” might need to be expanded to the phrase “the Facebook user customer is always right.”

“Your brand's Facebook users are your evangelists. The study recommends prioritizing your social media marketing investment to make sure they're happy: Ensure they feel appreciated and nurtured, and find ways to talk about your brand and share their opinion.”

Happy customers and an income of $174.17 per Facebook “friend” or “like” click certainly appears to be a win-win situation for Facebook-smart businesses and Facebook users.

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