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Oprah built a dance floor in Gayle's home for her birthday

Oprah built a dance floor in Gayle's home for her birthday, Outrageous Birthday Gifts, Want to get away with gifting a Hallmark card or flowers for your sweetheart’s birthday? Then you better hope your special someone isn’t Beyonce, Mariah Carey, or Victoria Beckham! Outrageous Birthday Gifts, These starlets have all been on the receiving end of some pretty extravagant birthday presents. BING to see the outrageous gifts these stars and more received on their birthdays.

Jay-Z’s gift to Beyonce
Queen B probably felt like royalty when she found out what hubby Jay-Z bought her for her 29th birthday. Jay-Z bought Beyonce a private island in the Florida Keys, Jay-Z drops $20 million on island for Beyonce, Outrageous Birthday Gifts,..reported

Beyonce’s gift to Jay-Z
Jay isn’t the only one who knows how to treat his partner right. For the music mogul’s 41st birthday, Bey dished out big bucks for a luxury ride for her hubby. Beyonce bought Jay-Z a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, Beyonce spends $2 million on Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport for Jay,

Kim Kardashian’s gift to Kanye West
The Kardashian clan has never been shy about flaunting their wealth, so when Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy celebrated his 35th birthday, the reality-TV star dished out the big bucks to buy Kanye a luxury car. Kim Kardashian gave Kanye a $750,000 Lamborghini,

Katy Perry’s gift to Russell Brand
Katy Perry gifted then-husband Russell Brand with a present for his 35th birthday that some would describe as “far out” — the same year she released her hit single “E.T.” Clearly, the pop star had aliens on the brain. katy perry bought russell brand a $200,000 trip to outer space,

David Beckham’s gift to Victoria Beckham
David Beckham once flew a team of chefs from Nobu in London to Spain to cook Posh’s birthday dinner. When the former Spice Girl turned 34, David focused on drinks rather than dinner. David gave Victoria Beckham a Napa Valley vineyard,

Nick Cannon’s gift to Mariah Carey
On her 40th birthday, Mariah Carey received a custom luxury car with 22-inch wheels from hubby Nick Cannon. The actor-host even worked with a paint specialist to create a one-of-a-kind color for the ride. Nick Cannon gave Mariah Carey a pink Porsche Cayenne, Mariah Carey pink Porsche Cayenne in Mariah Carey Pink,
Robert Pattinson’s gift to Kristen Stewart
When K.Stew turned 23, longtime love Robert Pattinson dished out $46,000 to add to her peculiar collection of writing utensils. Robert Pattinson $46,000 Tibaldi Bentley Crewe fountain pen ,

Angelina Jolie’s gift to Brad Pitt
What do you get the man who has everything? For his 48th birthday, Angeline Jolie gave her baby daddy property on which to build his dream home. Angelina Jolie bought a waterfall for Brad Pitt,

Brad Pitt’s gift to Angelina Jolie
Brad returned the favor by purchasing an action-star-worthy gift for his partner’s 35th birthday. Brad Pitt bought Angelina Jolie a MV Agusta motorcycle ,

Courteney Cox’s gift to Jennifer Aniston
How much is your bestie worth to you? Courteney Cox dished out nearly $12,000 for one special gift for Jen’s 39th birthday. Courteney Cox gave Jen Aniston a Chanel bicycle,

Tom Cruise’s gift to Katie Holmes
When Katie turned 27, then-fiance Tom Cruise turned on the charm by renting out a special venue to host his baby mama’s birthday fete. Katie Holmes birthday party at FAO Schwarz,

Scooter Braun’s gift to Justin Bieber
The Biebs made his manager a millionaire — and Scooter showed his appreciation by gifting Justin a pretty major present on his 18th birthday. Scooter Braun gave Bieber a 2012 Fisker Karma worth $100,000 ,
Britney Spears’ gift to Kevin Federline

They may have been broken up by the time K.Fed turned 30, but that didn’t stop the pop star from spoiling her baby daddy on his landmark birthday. Britney Spears gave Kevin Federline a $150,000 Jacob & Co. watch,
Jennifer Lopez’s gift to Casper Smart

When J.Lo’s boy toy, Casper Smart, turned 25, the pop star gifted him with a brand-new ride. Jennifer Lopez bought Casper Smart a Dodge Ram ,

Jessica Simpson’s gift to Tony Romo
The NFL quarterback’s romance with Jessica Simpson may have been short-lived, but that didn’t stop Jess from dropping major bucks for her then-beau’s 29th birthday. Three months later, Tony showed his appreciation by dumping Jessica the night before her 29th birthday. Ouch! Jessica Simpson bought Tony Romo a $100,000 speedboat, Tony Romo married Chase Crawford’s sister Candice,

Eric Johnson’s gift to Jessica Simpson
The pop star finally found a man whose spirit of generosity matches her own in fiance Eric Johnson. When the singer-actress turned 31, her baby daddy gave her a fashion accessory she absolutely adored. Eric Johnson gave Jessica Simpson a $15,000 Birkin bag,

Diddy’s gift to his son, Justin
When Diddy is your daddy, you can pretty much bank on the fact that you’ll have the best sweet 16 EVER. Diddy gave his son a silver Maybach worth $360,000,
Oprah’s gift to Gayle King
Everyone knows Oprah loves to surprise people with extravagant gifts, and her bestie, Gayle King, is no exception. Oprah commissioned the construction of a special activity room in her BFF’s home for Gayle’s 50th birthday. Oprah built a dance floor in Gayle’s home for her birthday,

Kat Von D’s gift to Deadmau5
To speed along their game of Kat and Mau5, the tattoo artist gifted her DJ fiance a fancy new ride on his 32nd birthday. Kat Von D bought Deadmau5 a Porsche Carrera ,

Birdman’s gift to Lil Wayne
Birdman gave Lil Wayne a Chopard watch , We imagine Cash Money Records founder Birdman spent quite a bit of cash money on his protégé’s 27th birthday.

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