Friday, April 26, 2013

Diddy gave his son a silver Maybach worth $360,000

Diddy gave his son a silver Maybach worth $360,000, Some parents give a new or used car to their fortunate child when they turn age 16, but hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs took it to a whole new level. Now, months later, he is explaining why.

The wealthy hip-hop entertainer, producer and trend-setter was asked on ABC's Nightline about how he came to give a silver Maybach worth about $360,000 to 16-year-old son Justin Dior Combs as a birthday present in January. For those who may have forgotten, Maybach is the mega-expensive version of Daimler's Mercedes-Benz...reported

Diddy's explanation, excerpted on ABC's website, is pretty much that he just felt like doing it. The question throws him on the defense.

"I think it's appropriate to give my kids whatever I want to give my kids," he said. "I feel the way I raise my children, I don't have to explain to you or anyone else, 'cause nobody knows the way I raise my children. So nobody knows the lessons that I've taught my children to understand, if they are mentally ready for that."

The interview drills the point even further, pressing Diddy on whether the lavish car might have sent the wrong message about money:

"It wasn't even about a lesson; it's what I wanted to do," he said. "I could do whatever I want to do and you can't question me about it."

Um, OK, we won't question you. But we're wondering whether Diddy may have set the standard a bit too high considering that he has six kids by three different mothers. That's a lot of Maybachs.

Of course, Diddy has always had his own distinctive style, especially when it comes to names. He has was previously P Diddy, Puff Daddy and Puffy before simply becoming Diddy. You can see the entire Nightline video segment which aired Thursday on Combs here.

Diddy didn't stop with the new car when it came to celebrating his son's birthday in style. He threw young Justin a party at New York hot spot M2 Ultralounge and kicked in $10,000 for some around-town spending money, reported Us Magazine at the time. Justin said at the time he was going to donate it all to Haiti earthquake relief.

The party definitely made an impression. "I'm just ecstatic right now," Justin told at his party. "Words can't even describe how I feel."

Diddy is certainly known for traveling in exclusive circles, but did he go too far this time?

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