Friday, April 26, 2013

N.J. girls murder video

N.J. girls murder video, the two N.J. girls made a murder video in which they rattled off the names of students and school administration members that they'd like to kill. On April 25, CBS News reported that the two 12-year-old girls from Paterson, N.J. have gotten suspended from school and could face criminal charges. Several people were named in the video and police are currently investigating.

"Parents said they can’t understand why the school didn’t do something sooner, so on Thursday they met with officials at School 27, a meeting even Paterson Mayor Jeffrey Jones showed up to. When asked afterward he said he didn’t believe there was ever a serious threat to any students," CBS News reported.

The N.J. girls' murder video has plenty of parents concerned -- mainly those who's children's names are heard on the "hit list." It is scary to think about children murdering children but in this day and age, things like this cannot be taken lightly. It is one thing for a couple of teens to say that they don't like some of their classmates and/or teachers, but for them to say they want to kill them -- or that they are going to kill them? That's unacceptable.

N.J. girls murder video

The girls even described how they would murder the people on their list saying things like, "Stab him continuously in this area."

Should the N.J. girls who made the murder video be charged?

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