Monday, April 29, 2013

Bryeon Hunter update: Lack off help frustrates searchers

Bryeon Hunter update: Lack off help frustrates searchers, The search for Bryeon Hunter's body continued over the weekend, but as of April 29, 2013 there aren't any investigative updates to share. The body of the missing Maywood, Ill. child still hasn't been located, but is believed to be in a backpack somewhere in the Des Plaines river where his mother and her boyfriend discarded him nearly two weeks ago. WGN TV News shared the latest updates in the search for the boy.

While the search continues for the presumably murdered child, his mother Lakeshia Baker and her boyfriend Michael Scott remain jailed. They are both charged with first degree murder -- among other charges. Both Scott and Baker admitted to beating the child brutally before leaving him on their bathroom floor to die. His battered dead body was then folded into a backpack and discarded in the river near McDonalds in Maywood.

The search for Bryeon Hunter isn't without conflict, however. Volunteers in the area have expressed anger toward the community of Maywood for seeming to lose interest in the case. One volunteer said:

"We don't have help from the village of Maywood. I don't understand it."

It may be because the original Amber Alert had everyone out searching for the child, especially when Lakeshia Baker claimed that three Hispanic men abducted the child and beat her in a hate crime attack. However, once the entire nation learned that the woman and her boyfriend murdered and threw the child into the river, the urgency in locating him dwindled. There is a difference between searching for a child who is in danger and searching for a child who has already been murdered.

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