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Weather History: April 29: Record Temps, Storms, Tornadoes, Wind & Snow

Weather History: April 29: Record Temps, Storms, Tornadoes, Wind & Snow, Listed are Meteorological events that happened on April 29:


It is the snowiest April on record in New York/New England history. Cape Cod, MA had snow on every Saturday in the month. Parts of Vermont and New Hampshire picked up 60 inches during the month and 24 inches fell on the 29th in northwestern New Jersey. Washington, D.C. recorded their latest freezing temperature on this date. A half inch of snow fell at New York City for the latest measurable snow in the city's history.


The town of Taylor, in southeastern Texas, was deluged with 2.4 inches of rain in 15 minutes.


The temperature at Kansas City, MO soared to 95° to establish a record for the month of April. Four days earlier the afternoon high in Kansas City was 44°, following a record cold morning low of 34°.

Other daily record highs across the upper Midwest included: La Crosse, WI: 93° and Elkader, IA with 92° had their warmest April temperature. La Crosse would tie this record on 4/22/1980.


Tuguegarao in the Philippines recorded the highest temperature ever in Oceania at 108°.


The high of 90° at Billings, MT was one of only two 90 degree days in April since 1934. The other occurred on 4/20/1980.


On this date through May 2nd, a major storm dumped 10.1 inches of snow at Stapleton Airport in Denver, CO. Most of the snow: 7.5 inches fell from this date through the 30th.


A tornado, as much as 100 yards in width, touched down south of Shannon, MS. The tornado destroyed 27 homes along its 18 mile path, killing three people. Asphalt was torn from Highway 45 and thrown hundreds of yards away. Little rain accompanied the tornado, so it was visible for miles.


The 24-hour snowfall of 20.9 inches set the all-time record for Lethbridge, Alberta Canada.


A tornado damaged parts of Ardmore,OK injuring one person. This tornado is unique in that it was the first tornado to be probed by a ground-based instrument package. A crew from the National Severe Storms Laboratory dropped the instrument package, appropriately called TOTO, for Totable Tornado Observatory, into the path of the storm to get accurate readings of conditions inside the tornado.


A storm off the southeast coast of Massachusetts blanketed southern New England with heavy snow. Totals of 3 inches at Boston, MA, 11 inches at Milton, MA, and 17 inches at Worcester, MA, were records for so late in the season. Princeton, MA was buried under 25 inches of snow.


Thunderstorms produced severe weather in Arkansas, Louisiana and eastern Texas, with more than 70 reports of large hail and damaging winds. Softball size hail was reported at Palestine, TX. Hail as large as tennis balls caused $10 million dollars damage around Pine Bluff, AR.


A storm system crossing northern New Mexico blanketed parts of the Rocky Mountain Region and the northern Plains with heavy snow, and produced blizzard conditions in central Montana. Much of southern Colorado was buried under one to three feet of snow. Pueblo tied an April record with 16.8 inches of snow in 24 hours. Strong canyon winds in New Mexico, enhanced by local showers, gusted to 65 mph at Albuquerque. Afternoon temperatures across the Great Plains Region ranged from the 20s in North Dakota to 107° at Laredo, TX.


A cyclone intensified in the Bay of Bengal making landfall the next day near Chittagong, Bangladesh with sustained winds near 160 mph. 200,000 people were killed.

An intense low pressure system tracked northward across Iowa. Widespread severe weather developed in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa during the afternoon hours. A small tornado skipped through Omaha and Council Bluffs in the early afternoon causing some roof damage and blowing semi-trailor trucks off the road. Elsewhere, baseball size hail fell two miles east of Odebolt in Sac County and covered Highway 175. Golf ball size hail was common in Pottawattamie County and in Buena Vista County at Newell. In Newell, the golf ball size hail lasted 11 minutes and completed covered the ground. In addition, most of the hail storms were accompanied by wind gusts of 50 to 80 mph.

Two men were struck by lightning while golfing in Cherry Hills just south of Denver, CO. The two received only minor burns. Shortly afterward, lightning struck a home in Cherry Hills Village several times, leaving numerous holes in the roof. No injuries were reported.


Record cold temperatures occurred across parts of the east while record heat scorched the west. The morning low fell to 32° at Spartanburg, SC, while it reached 102° at Tucson, AZ.

Other record lows: Tallahassee, FL: 34°, Knoxville, TN: 33°, Atlantic City NJ: 32° and Greenbank, WV: 20°.


Severe thunderstorms moved across Tarrant county in Texas. Hail up to 3.5 inches in diameter did an enormous amount of damage. 100 aircraft were damaged at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Damages in the county totaled $220 million dollars. This was the second major hailstorm to hit the area in a month.


A late season snowstorm dumped 4 to 6 inches of snow over the Canadian Maritimes. St. John's, Newfoundland recorded 8.3 inches of snow.


A series of severe thunderstorms developed over Logan and McLean Counties in Illinois, mainly along I-55, causing flash flooding. Lincoln, IL recorded 4 inches of rain in 3 hours. Most of the flooding was in an area from Lincoln to Ellsworth. Over 1,000 buildings in Logan County sustained water damage. Damage was estimated at $1.5 million dollars.


The debate had raged for years in Davenport, IA about building a permanent floodwall to protect the city from flooding from the Mississippi River. Davenport is the only city on the Upper Mississippi that does not have flood protection. Opponents said the floodwall would destroy the town's view of the River and hurt tourism revenue. Major flooding on the Mississippi in April caused serious damage in Iowa and Illinois, but damage in Davenport was minimal as the flood crest did not breach the sand bag dikes protecting the town.


Lightning struck a chimney at a residence in Hiwan in Evergreen, CO sending stones flying as far as 150 feet. Electrical equipment in some nearby homes failed. Damage to the residence and the electrical equipment was estimated at $100,000 dollars.

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