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Juicing to Get Healthy, 1st day of my experiment

Juicing to Get Healthy, 1st day of my experiment, Well, Kohl’s had a massive sale over the weekend and I ran by to see if anything piqued my interest. And there it was, a Juice Maker for less than 50 bucks, AWESOME. I snagged one of the last one there. I’ve been lusting for one for years.

I brought it home, read the instructions and started researching on juicing recipes. I found the most awesome and inspiring video. This is a story of two men who went on juice fasts. Very overweight men and the results were absolutely startling, and uplifting, and hope filling. There were a few things in the movie that would be impossible for the average person who has to pay bills and is one step ahead of the debt collectors, but on the whole, this plan is doable.

If you are overweight, and have tried everything except surgery, this is the plan to try. It makes amazing sense and doesn’t require bunches of extra money, group confession meetings, or prepackaged meals.

Watch the video for yourself (video link below), make sure you have an hour and a half to dedicate because you will not want to stop watching. The story is compelling.

Now, a few other things about juicing that I’ve discovered just recently. If you are serious about juicing, don’t settle for a cheapie. But if you want to try it out first then yea, get one on sale, try it out until you are ready to make a commitment. If you decide not to, you’re only out a little bit of cash, and you can still juice oranges and other fruits for special yummy treats. If you decide your a serious juicer then get a good one and hand off your little jobbie to a family member or a friend. I’m still in the experiment stage, so I’m happy to make do with my little $30 dollar Black & Decker. There are a few reasons why I say this.

You want a wide feed chute. Otherwise you will spend bunches of time cutting and squishing your foods to get them down a chute the size of a ½ small lemon.
The pulp bin fills up quickly on smaller less expensive machines
The pulp is moist and still had lots of juice left in it. To really get all that good juice you need a machine that will squeeze the pulp as well as masticate it.
Experiment with juices, but remember greens are very important, don’t just juice fruit. Also fruit and root veggies have lots of sugar in them. But also remember, greens juice is very very thick, trying to drink greens juice is like drinking a semi-melted shake. Use your fruit to sweeten up the greens and lighten up the thickness as well.

When juicing most citrus fruits you normally want to remove the zest (the outside colored part), but leave as much of the pith (white part on the rind) as you can. The zest will make your drink bitter, it contains the citrus oil. Small amounts of zest are used in cooking but too much is very bad for you. The pith is very high in Vitamin C and can be processed by your juicer. But, you can use a whole lemon, rind included, I'm not sure why. It’s not dangerous to have in quantity and will add to the sweetness and lemony flavor (at least that was my experience).

I’ve also found that while I can’t stomach eating raw kale, sprouts or cucumbers they are very sweet as juice. In fact almost sickeningly sweet. I thought they would be totally opposite. I’m currently on a hunt to find something to add that will counteract some of that sweetness but will also lighten up the thick thick juice.

Now I’ve asked around about what to do with the pulp. Here is what I’ve found out:

If you have a garden or flower bed, this stuff makes excellent compost. Put it in your compost heap or just mix it into the ground.
Wild animals love this stuff, put some in feeders and see if the squirrels and other animals come for it.
Freeze it and save it for soups, it will add necessary fiber and thickening.
Use it to make vegetable stock for soups.
Use it as a topper for salads.
Mix it into cookie recipes it will add fiber and bulk
For fruit juicing, save and add to your oatmeal instead of sweetener
Dehydrate little clumps of it for snack time (sort of like rice cakes).
The hero of our movie, Joe Cross has several favorite recipes that he prefers, and if you go to his Facebook page and website you can find some of them. In fact, surfing Facebook today led me to another page that has followers’ recipes that look quite delish. Though I would stay away from the product they market, Skinny Fiber, but the recipes look great and good for you too.

So, I’m always interested in your juicing stories and any great recipes too! As for now, I have one that I threw together today that was very good and sweet, though thick, it produced enough juice for my supper and enough to bottle for my breakfast.

I bought all of this at HEB tonite and it turned out to be fairly inexpensive, I'm going to try out the farmers market near work on Wednesday.

1 bunch Kale

1 cucumber

1 roma tomato

1 apple

1 small lemon

1 bunch of celery tops (only the tops, I saved the hearts for salads and peanut butter)

Make a comment below with some of your favorite recipes and advice!

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