Monday, April 29, 2013

Lose bet eat rat

Lose bet eat rat, A French football pundit has gone through with a gruesome forfeit after a throwaway comment about Chelsea's Cesar Azpilicueta came back to bite him.

When Marseille signed Azpilicueta in 2010, their then-president Jean-Claude Dassier declared him, "Spain's future right-back."

RMC pundit and former Marseille defender Eric De Meco scoffed at the suggestion, saying: "If that happens, I'll eat a rat."

Three years later Azpilicueta is now established in the Chelsea team and made his full Spain debut in February.Di Meco, as good as his word, chowed down on a coypu - a type of river rat - live on RMC radio this week.

The beast actually looked fairly appetising and, this being France, came accompanied with a glass of vin rouge.
And, to his credit, Di Meco had no trouble putting the meal away.

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