Monday, April 29, 2013

Church stabbing: Suspect yells 'fake preacher' before attack

Church stabbing: Suspect yells 'fake preacher' before attack, The gates of hell came against the St. Jude Thaddeus Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Sunday when a 24-year-old man filled with angry eyes jumped several pews in order to attack and stab four choir members as he yelled "fake preacher," from the onset. CNN reported that the suspect, Lawrence Capener, was not a church member and it is unknown what prompted his attack, but others at the church said he accused the choir of "working with the devil."

Sunday's church victims all lived, thankfully. And they include Gerald Madrid, a flutist, who was stabbed in the back five times and the neck once, and who is credited with trying to get the suspect in a bear hug, to keep him from stabbing others. He managed to pin the suspect to the wall.

The church's choir director, Adam Alvarez, was one of the four victims injured, according to ABC News, along with two other parishioners in addition to Madrid, the flutist.

Choir member Brenda King told a CNN affiliate that she saw the suspect coming from afar and could see "a scary look in his eyes," right before he began attacking the church soloist with his knife.

The Archbishop of Sante Fe, Michael Sheehan, sought to remind the public in his statement after the event that "this is the first time in 30 years" of his service in the area that anything of this nature has happened in the church before.

The church leader also said he "prayed for all those who have been harmed, their families and the parishioners." And that is was his prayer that this type of terrible event never happens again.

The suspect is in police custody, and he faces numerous felony charges for the Sante Fe church stabbings.

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