Monday, April 29, 2013

Jessica Heeringa update: Stranger abduction or familiar foul play

Jessica Heeringa update: Stranger abduction or familiar foul play, Norton Shores woman Jessica Heeringa remains missing after three days of searching -- and now a reward is being offered for information in the amount of $1,500. That's not the only update in this rapidly developing case. As of April 29, 2013 police report that tips are coming in from all over the country. Will these numerous tips prove helpful in locating the missing woman and the suspect who might have kidnapped her?

The updates to this case continue pouring in faster than they can be compiled, but there is a lot of information surfacing about the missing woman. For instance, this is her Myspace page -- but it's unknown as to how long it's been since she accessed it. She appears to be a few years younger in the photos shown on the page. The details on the social network profile paint a picture of an ordinary young woman. However, she might participate in a high risk lifestyle -- as could be gleaned from her language and references to drug use, drinking and sex. On the other hand her profile (with accompanying blog) showcases a sensitive person with a flair for poetry. In fact, the missing young mother wrote these words in 2009 to an unidentified person:

"I'm carrying half of you inside me, literally and figuratively, alone like you promised I wouldn't be. Off loving someone, somewhere else. A man came through my work and I stared because he stood like you, walked like you."

Was she alluding to her pregnancy? Was she making a reference to staring at men who entered her workplace? Did she work at Exxon back in 2009? There don't appear to be any Facebook pages for this young woman, but there is now an official page dedicated to the search for her. Hopefully this profile will continue posting as much information as possible while officials investigate her strange disappearance.

Who kidnapped Jessica Heeringa?

So far it looks like it might have been someone who watched her at work, but was it a stranger? Was her kidnapper someone who never talked to her before, or someone who frequented the Exxon station? Or was it someone she did in fact know? Today her family will be passing out flyers in the Norton Shores area, but they will also be seeking answers with hopes that someone will see her face and know what happened to her. The man who kidnapped her is believed to be in his 30s, be broadly built and might have been wearing an orange sweatshirt. He was driving a newer model silver minivan. This man could be someone's father, someone's husband, someone's brother or coworker or boss. If any of the details related to this kidnapping seem familiar to someone, they may be inspired to speak up. The $1,500 reward also helps.

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