Saturday, May 4, 2013

Amanda Bynes: Actress is now unrecognizable after make-over

Amanda Bynes: Actress is now unrecognizable after make-over, Amanda Bynes no longer looks like Amanda Bynes. The former Disney and Nickelodeon star's latest transformation has left her looking nothing like her former self. According to a March 12 report by The Daily Beast, the photo Amanda Bynes posted on Twitter left fans wondering who was in the photo.

Amanda Bynes now looks like a mixture of “Snooki, Lil' Kim and Grimace from McDonald's.” The list of things wrong with her new look is shockingly long.

To start with, Amanda Bynes has piercings her cheeks. There is also the synthetic wig and heavy false eyelashes. It has been said that Lisa Rinna's plastic surgeon is responsible for the lip injections that it appears Amanda Bynes has gotten.

“My daughter watched her on Disney and she didn't recognize her new photo,” Claire Walker, from Norman, said. “She showed me the photo and I was frightened. I certainly hope she didn't do that to herself on purpose and she sues whoever did it to her.”

It is unknown if Amanda Bynes truly wanted to look this way or if the Amanda Bynes make-over disaster is something she will try to remedy. Either way, she is not the Amanda Bynes that won the hearts of millions with her comedy.

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