Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ann curry wasn't good at her job

Ann curry wasn't good at her job, Today Show" insider, Brian Stelter, said Ann Curry "wasn't good at her job" and this why she was fired.

The New York Times reporter and author of a a new book chatted with CNN's Piers Morgan on May 3 and made efforts to debunk a Matt Lauer-led conspiracy to fire his former co-host. He believes NBC morning show executives failed by promoting her in 2011.

"That was the fatal mistake. Promoting her in the first place is where things started to go wrong. Removing her was the right thing to do by lots of different measures but it was just done the wrong way," Stelter responded to Piers Morgan on his request about Curry's hiring and termination from the role as Lauer's co-host.

On why Ann Curry "wasn't good at job" politics and performing good enough for a ratings boost, Stelter claims she was caught in the middle of a struggle among show producers.

He calls the behind the scenes skirmish as a "Civil War of suits, referring to Jim Bell and Steve Capus.

Stelter believes both men erred in rushing Curry to the chair alongside Lauer without using creativity to source an ideal person to gel with Matt in the role. What's more, Brian says producers sat by idly when the show became "stale."

In an interview with Business Insider, the host read excerpts from Stelter's book, "Top of the Morning" and asked him to respond to them.

"She was pretty bad at the job," responded Stelter, adding "and she wasn't getting a lot of support to get better...I think there is some truth to the fact that she [Ann Curry] wasn't good at the job."

And the end result was a "Good Morning America" train that barreled down the tracks and dethroned "Today." But someone had to be blamed, right?

Perhaps, in keeping with the "last one hired, first one fired" old business adage, Ann was a pawn and collateral damage from the failings of management.

Do you believe Ann Curry was not good at her job at the "Today Show?" Or is there more to this story about why she was really fired?

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