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Most dangerous U.S. neighborhoods

Most dangerous U.S. neighborhoods, A recent study by Neighborhood Scout was revealed by ABC News on May 4, 2013, and it shows the most dangerous U.S. neighborhoods, and how likely you are to be a victim of violent crime. This made up the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the nation and sadly, a lot of them come from the same city and even same area.

Three neighborhoods in Detroit, Michigan alone, make up the top three on the list. They are followed up by a neighborhood in Chicago and then one in Spartanburg, South Carolina to finish out the top five.

The neighborhood at the number one spot has citizens becoming a victim there as a one in seven chance. The 25th spot on the list is a one in 15 chance, and that location is yet one of a few spots in Chicago.

In the study, it was conducted so that population size differences are taken out. Founder and chief of Neighborhood Scout told ABC News:

"The bigger the neighborhood, the more crime you'd expect," he explains. "We focused on the rate of crime per 1,000 people."

The full list of the 25 most dangerous U.S. neighboohoods are:

Detroit, Michigan (W. Chicago / Livernois Ave.)
Detroit, Mich. (Mack Ave / Helen St.)
Detroit, Mich. (Gratiot Ave. / Rosemary)
Chicago, IL (S Halsted St / W 77th St)
Spartanburg, SC (Washington Heights)
Houston, TX (Scott St / Wilmington St)
Detroit, Mich. (Wyoming St. / Orangelawn St.)
Greenville, S.C. (Woodside)
Atlanta, Ga. (Hopkins St. SE / Adair Ave. SE)
Saginaw, Mich. (E. Holland Ave. / E. Genesee Ave.)
Memphis, Tenn. (E. Eh Crump Blvd./ S. 4th St.)
St. Louis, Mo. (Delmar Blvd. / N. Euclid Ave.)
Chicago, IL (S Homan Ave / W Roosevelt Rd)
Rockford, Ill. (Kishwaukee St. / Grove St.)
Houston, Texas (Sauer St. / Mcgowen St.)
Chicago, Ill. (S. Ashland Ave. / W. 76th St.)
Indianapolis, Ind. (North Indianapolis)
Nashville, Tenn. (8th Ave. S / Wedgewood Ave.)
Flint, Mich. (Chambers St. / Stonegate Dr.)
Indianapolis, Ind. (North Indianapolis)
West Memphis, Ark. (E Broadway St. / Stuart Ave.)
St. Louis, Mo. (Cass Ave. / N. 9th St.)
Memphis, Tenn. (Saint Paul Ave. / Walnut St.)
Tulsa, Ok. (E Apache St. / N Quaker Ave.)
Chicago, Ill. (S Indiana Ave / E 60th St.)

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