Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kyle Richards hand

Kyle Richards hand, April 27 was a big day in the Richards-Umansky family, as 4-year-old Portia lost her very first tooth!

“BREAKING FAMILY NEWS,” Kyle Richards tweeted. “Portia lost her 1st tooth! Tooth Fairy PLEASE don’t sleep through the night!”

Sadly, after performing her motherly duties, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star suffered an unfortunate incident. “So after the Tooth Fairy’s job was done, she went to the bathroom & slipped & fell in a puddle of puppy’s pee,” Kyle revealed, adding that she thought she may have broken her finger.

After being taken to the hospital for x-rays, Kyle learned that she’d indeed sprained her finger and needed to bandage her hand. Thankfully, the fashion-forward star took the injury in stride!

“Since my wedding ring won’t fit, I thought this was a good alternative,” she tweeted, alongside a photo of her blinged-out hand.

On Thursday, May 2, Kyle was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills, and it looked like she still had some healing to do. Of course, a little bandage wasn’t about to get her down! While walking toward her Kyle By Alene Too boutique, the Housewife looked bright, cheery, and ready for spring in a lemon yellow blazer, patterned blouse, and sky-high platform heels.

As Samantha says in Sex and the City: “I have a broken foot” (or in this case a hand), “but not a broken spirit!”

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