Saturday, May 4, 2013

Shot girlfriend mistaken for a hog forgives boyfriend

Shot girlfriend mistaken for a hog forgives boyfriend, Lisa Simmons was shot by her boyfriend in the leg in Florida. Steve Egan, the boyfriend, claims he thought she was a hog. According to a May 3 report by Inquistr, Lisa Simmons forgave Steve Egan for shooting her and thinking she was a hog.

Lisa Simmons and Steve Egan were hog hunting in Flagler County. He saw what he thought was a hog he had wounded earlier, he shot again. Instead of hitting a hog, Steve Egan shot Lisa Simmons in the leg.

Despite shooting his girlfriend, the shot was a good one. He hit Lisa Simmons in her femoral artery. She made a tourniquet to try to stop the bleeding as Steve Egan ran for a cell phone to call for help.

"If my husband shot me because he thought I was a hog, I am not sure I could forgive him for that,” Mandy Robinson, a mother of two from Enid, said. “Doesn't he understand he just called her fat and compared her to an animal? Not a good idea on his part."

After a year of rehabilitation and being the butt of endless jokes, Lisa Simmons is doing well. So is her relationship with Steve Egan. The shot girlfriend mistaken for a hog has forgiven her boyfriend for both of his mistakes.

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