Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trump slams Stewart

Trump slams Stewart, Donald Trump is never one to shy away from letting people know what he thinks, as is evident as Trump slams Stewart from “The Daily Show” over one of Jon's latest shows. E! Online shared the details on May 3.

A recent “The Daily Show” episode showed Jon Stewart joking about Donald Trump's “birth name,” which he declared was “F**ckface Von Clownstick.” The dig comes just after Trump had taken to Twitter to dog on Stewart, claiming that Jon was overrated and dumber than “The Celebrity Apprentice” host. Trump also shared Stewart's birth name, which is Jonathan Leibowitz, thus prompting Stewart's piece on Trump's supposed birth name.

Though Trump is good at dishing it all out, he isn't always so tough about taking the digs in return. Trump slams Stewart for mocking him and ranted via his Twitter page about the name going viral on social media. As Donald Trump usually does, he posted multiple tweets on the issue as he ranted on for some time. Whether Trump realizes it or not, Jon Stewart is most certainly getting many laughs over it all, as getting a rile out of Trump is often great entertainment.

Did Jon Stewart go too far with his digs on “The Daily Show”? Was it amusing to see Trump slam Stewart via his Twitter page? Donald usually keeps a cooler head on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” but his Twitter page often provides in-depth entertainment as he lets his opinions and emotions get the best of him at times.

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