Saturday, May 4, 2013

Weekly Address: Fixing our immigration system and Latin American trade expansion

Weekly Address: Fixing our immigration system and Latin American trade expansion, President Obama delivered his weekly address this morning, and spoke to the American people from Mexico City, Mexico about the incredible opportunities to create middle-class jobs in America by deepening our economic ties and expanding trade in Latin America. "

I’m here because Latin America represents an incredible opportunity for the United States, especially when it comes to my top priority as President: creating good, middle-class jobs," the President said in his weekly address.

On Friday the new jobs report from the department of Labor revealed that businesses created another 176,000 jobs last month. That’s 2.2 million new jobs over the past year, and 6.8 million new jobs over the past 38 months. President Obama, however, made clear one thing."I won’t be satisfied until everyone who wants a job can find one. So I’m going to keep doing everything I can and going everywhere I need to go to help our businesses create jobs."

President Obama discussed a recent Senate bill that takes commonsense steps to fix our broken immigration system, like strengthening security on our border with Mexico, providing a pathway to earned citizenship, and modernizing our legal immigration system to attract highly skilled workers to our shores, which helps create jobs and grow the economy.

The President will continue to work with our neighbors on our common security and common prosperity, so that we fix our broken immigration system, open more markets for American businesses, and create middle-class jobs for American workers. President Obama also stressed the importance of Latin America. "Right now, over 40 percent of our exports go to the Americas. And those exports are growing faster than our trade with the rest of the world. That’s why I visited Latin America this week – to work with leaders to deepen our economic ties and expand trade between our nations.Thanks and have a great weekend."

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