Saturday, May 4, 2013

Msnbc forced apology

Msnbc forced apology, MSNBC apologized Friday for cutting video that took quotes from a speech Vice President Joe Biden made out of context.

According to MSNBC, Biden gave a speech at a memorial service for the Americans who were in the Benghazi, Libya attack on the American Consulate last year.

Then, on host Thomas Roberts' show, the news service described the segment as one featuring the Vice President making a statement about gun control in the U.S.

"No child should predecease their one should have to suffer the loss of their spouse, it's not easy. And I wish I could tell you we aren't going to add any more names with this wall...but the truth of the matter is, there will be more," he said in the edited portion.

Immediately after that aired, Roberts followed up with, "that was Vice President Biden just a short time ago talking about children as the victims of gun violence."

Later, MSNBC host Touré apologized for the misstep that used Biden's words out of context on the show The Cycle, calling it a "producer error," according to the National Review Online.

"Quick note, earlier on MSNBC, we played a soundbite from the Vice President in which he stated he was talking about gun control," he said. "The Vice President was actually speaking about Benghazi. MSNBC regrets the error."

This isn't the first time MSNBC has slipped up and been accused of selectively editing video clips.

In January, edited remarks made it seem as though pro-gun advocates maliciously interrupted a Sandy Hook victim's father's testimony against civilians owning semi-automatic rifles.

Was this just a cutting-room floor blunder, or an effort to twist Vice President Biden's words?

Watch the video in which Biden is edited for MSNBC, then check out his original remarks to decide for yourself.

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