Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sports reporter fired

Sports reporter fired, Comcast claims a sports reporter fired after an on-air blooper did not lose her job because of that accident. According to Yard Barker on May 3, reporter Susannah Collins lost her job with Comcast SportsNet Chicago just days after making a Freudian slip on television.

Collins was a sideline reporter and was talking about the Chicago Blackhawks season as they head into the playoffs. While she meant to say that the team had a "tremendous amount of success," she said the team had a "tremendous amount of sex."

She caught herself, stammered for a moment but then quickly picked back up and said "success" before moving on. It was a nice catch for the sideline sports reporter, but it was not enough to keep the network from firing her.

Comcast SportsNet Chicago released a statement that said Susannah Collins was let go, but made sure to say it was for reasons "unrelated to her on-air remarks." The fact that it happened right after the event makes that seem a little suspicious.

The fact that the sports reporter fired was embarrassed, but tried to move in with humor made the termination ever worse. Collins tweeted that she appreciated her fans support after the slip and then even said that she loved her job and was a "lucky gal" to have it. One would think she won't be unemployed for long.

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