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Ronnie wood art horses

Ronnie wood art horses, For Ronnie Wood art and music are his two great loves and If not a musician then he certainly would have been a full time artist. Although a member of 'the world's most famous rock band' he still manages to split his time 50/50 between these two departments in his life, Ronnie Wood art and Ronnie Wood music.

But which of the two does he prefer? The answer is probably both equally, Ronnie once said "Music is a group thing, the art is more personal". Although even when on the road with the Rolling Stones and in music mode, he is never far from his paint brushes and the views from hotel windows might become the subject of a Ronnie Wood art study or sketch.

So what do the other members of the band make of the Ronnie Wood Art department? In the early days they used to make fun of it and 'encourage' him to play the guitar! Mick and Keith star in many of his works and have got used to seeing themselves on canvas.

Charlie appreciates Ronnie's artistic skills as he is a good artist himself, with a talent for line drawing. Charlie though keeps his art secret and Ronnie thinks he would never show it. Charlie draws things like left-overs from a meal, his bed or even an instruction notice on a wall.

Ronnie's life is diverse and this is reflected in the range of materials that can be found in the Ronnie Wood art studio; from charcoal to oils to bronze. So does he have a favourite medium? He certainly likes experimenting with different methods and has mastered such varied techniques as woodcuts, screen printing, etching and the intaglio processes.

The Ronnie Wood art department finds inspiration everywhere. Indeed, he never leaves home without a sketchpad, always painting and drawing figures, like so many great artists he is constantly fascinated by the human form. He likes to paint people in a variety of moods and in different settings, trying to convey a story or a shared experience. One of his most recent projects has been a series of sketches of ballet dancers from the Royal Ballet, captured during rehearsals; a fascinating opportunity to record such wonderful examples of the human form.

There is also no shortage of inspiration for the Ronnie Wood art department from his music department - on stage, backstage, rehearsals, on tour and frequent jammin' sessions with the world's greatest musicians and performers. He once said, 'art is music on paper' and he counts himself lucky that both have featured in his every day life.

Ronnie Wood has a beautiful house in Ireland and he draws inspiration for his art from the surrounding countryside. Animals, in particular horses, feature strongly in the Ronnie Wood art repertoire. His wildlife portraits reflect his respect for the wonderful creatures that share the planet and are often ideal subjects to explore for an artist who's work has become bolder and more daring over the years. Ronnie Wood, art at its finest.

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