Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oldest zoo zebra dies

Oldest zoo zebra dies, Let us have a moment of silence for Citation, the oldest zoo zebra in the nation. She was born 37 years ago at the Kansas City Zoo, and in 1999 moved to the Oregon Zoo in Portland where she was euthanized this week.

Citation liked the sunshine, and she was friendly with the hooded vultures, the gerenuk gazelle, the Egyptian goose and the other animals that shared her African habitat.

While she was doing well until last week, Citation’s health began flagging. She lost her appetite, only eating bits of apple, and by Monday night she couldn’t stand up.

"As painful as it was for us, it was the most humane option," said zoo deputy director Chris Pfefferkorn of the euthanization. "Citation not only lived a very long life, she lived a very good one."

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