Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teacher 50 Shades Of Grey

Teacher 50 Shades Of Grey, The mother of a student says she wants a Philadelphia teacher fired because he purchased the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

The book is a 2011 romance novel that has been panned by some over its sexual content, while many said the book was poorly written. Public libraries in some parts of the United States removed copies of the book, citing its content and negative reviews.

Philip Aidoo, who purchased the book for a ninth grader at Eastern University Academy Charter School, and said he did not know of its content. Aidoo bought the book online after the student requested it.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Aidoo did not have an awareness of this popular book and ordered it with his own money,” Yvonne Turner, with the school, told NBC Philadelphia.

Turner said that several of the books were ordered for other students.

“The minute I found out about it, it raised concern,” mother Maya Ladson, who wants Aidoo fired, told the station on Thursday. “This is not OK to me. This is major.”

Ladson added: “It clearly states on the cover, that the book is for mature audiences and has high sexual content. This was a 100-percent act of negligence. There should never be pornographic material purchased and distributed to a student by a school teacher.”

Dr. Drew Pinksy, a relationship expert who hosted “Loveline” and the “Dr. Drew” show on HLN, panned the book when it came out in 2012.

“Why women would pick this up as any sort of substitute for intimacy or any sort of model for a reasonable relationship, I find just sort of disturbing,” he told WTOP television at the time.

The novel sat atop the New York Times Best Sellers list for around three months.

“I worry about the 15-year-olds and 19-year-olds reading this and formulating a notion that this is anything close to a reasonable relationship,” Pinsky said. “I worry that this is going to be a model for something pathological.”

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