Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teen mom's photo banned from yearbook

Teen mom's photo banned from yearbook, Being a parent is hard, regardless of age. MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom series have certainly done their part to show that teens are perfectly capable of the challenges that parenting presents. Or not. But, what's been done to this Caitlin Tiller is unacceptable.

Her North Carolina school asked that senior portraits be taken with something that best represents the student or one of their achievements. As with any parent, the most important thing in her life, her greatest achievement, is her infant son. Caitlin explains that her son represents her drive to stay in school, when many teen parents drop out or "go back later." The school didn't see it that way, removing her photo from the school's yearbook, claiming it promotes teen pregnancy.

The question here is: What gives the school that right? Is Caitlin less of a student at their school because she is also a mother? Is she less deserving of being pictured with her classmates because her reason to strive for her diploma is different that those of her peers? This is a situation that could be easily remedied, simply by taking a different picture. Caitlin Tiller probably has other accomplishments than parenthood. But that's not the point. It's really the principle of the matter.

School officials simply said the yearbook should be about the student, not their family. A parent would agree that her child is probably the most important thing about her. And it's not as if Caitlin is the first teenager to have a baby, which can be plainly seen by just opening your eyes and looking around. Teen moms are everywhere, including on your TV screen on Monday evenings (or whenever you get around to watching the DVR.) So how is Caitlin the one promoting teen pregnancy? Fact is, it's going to happen, all over, no matter what the circumstances.

Do you think Caitlin should be included with her senior class in the school's yearbook, or is the school right for pulling her photo? While it doesn't seem a battle worthy of a lawsuit, which will likely ensue if the school doesn't back down, that doesn't make it right.

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